sabato 5 maggio 2012

Jack Johnston Prosculpt Contest Award 2012

Io non credo ancora ai miei occhi!!!
Datemi un pizzicotto!! :-D
Ho vinto il Contest di Jack Johnston con la mia "The Second Moon"!!! Primo posto nella categoria Beginner!!!!! ^__^
Sono felicissima!!
Per leggere la news potete andare su questo link:
Prosculpt Contest Awards 2012
e per vedere la galleria dei vincitori e delle onoreficenze cliccate qui:
Prosculpt Awardees Gallery

Grazie a tutti coloro che mi sostengono!!! <3<3<3<3

2012 ProSculpt Contest

Palma Battaglia
Second Moom”

Congratulations... You are the 1st place winner in the Beginning Category of the 2012 Winter/Spring ProSculpt Clay One-of-a-kind Sculpting Contest. Your work is exceptional and is indeed worthy of this award. You have a wonderful future as a professional sculptor; if there is anything that I may do to help you, please call or write. [..]

I will send an announcement of your success and the images of your sculpture to Dolls Magazine and to Artdolls Quarterly for publication. I have already put your sculpture in the permanent Gallery of ProSculpt contest winners for 2012. You have a wonderful talent, and I’m pleased to help promote your creations.

Your friend in doll making...
Jack Johnston, President of the ProSculpt Company LLC.

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